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A compost boost from the Microgreen team

A few months back, we were approached by Oliver and Megan from the Microgreen Team. Having established a new

urban farm down on the flat in Miramar, they were looking for somewhere to usefully and sustainably dispose of the spent growing medium they use for their tasty microgreen crops. We gladly agreed to take as much lovely coconut fibre as they could throw at us.

When composted, the fibre balances the mix of nitrogen with much-needed carbon. And when used directly on beds as a mulch, it has the added bonus of free plants popping up from not-quite-spent seeds. Everything from coriander to peas and frisee have popped up. It's a fun challenge to identify the freebies when they emerge.

Check them out online, or say hi next time you see Oliver and Megan at the garden.

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